How to Make Custom Gift Bags

Gifts are a source of communicating love and affection to your closed ones. While presenting a gift we need to keep in mind all the aspects from planning what to give to its packaging and presentation. For presenting a gift there are various methods to pack them. One of them is to present them in a gift bag. a gift bag is paper made bag which is usually used to give more than one gift to anyone. It is usually made up of kraft paper and is very light and easy to handle. Another best thing about gift bags is that it can be decorated in any sort, with any color or design of your choice. They are also biodegradable and can also be recycled easily.

There can be several different kinds of gift bags depending on the material, shapes, sizes, etc. Some of which are discussed below:

1. Recycled Cloth Gift Bag
The easiest to make and uniquely style bag is a cloth gift bag. Just sew it up on sides and tie above and it is ready to present.

2. Wrapping paper Gift Bag
You just have to take a wrapping paper and form a gift bag. Decorate with ribbons and ornaments.

3. Newspaper Gift Bag
Newspaper Gift Bags are new in the market. They look trendy and eye-catching. You can make your gift behind the city using newspapers

4. Kraft paper gift bag
Gift bags are made of kraft papers. They are brown and can be printed in any graphics or colors.

Let us learn how to make a simple gift at home.

The thing you need:
• Kraft Paper / Color paper
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Glue stick or double-sided tape
• Hole puncher
• Ribbon, string, or cord
• Glitter, paint, stamps, etc. (optional)


1. Take a plain sheet of power paper or colored paper and spread on the table.
2. Find the middle and fold both sides equally to the middle making crease.
3. Glue the sides in the middle of the paper.
4. To make the bottom side of the gift behind fold up to the size of three fingers.
5. Fold the edges from two sides and flap again the top and bottom and glue it together.
6. Make the sides of the gift bag folded in to make a V shape at sides.
7. You can simply make holes and tie a ribbon or fold the top with zig-zag pattern and tie a bow.

Refer to the image on the right or refer to this link having YouTube video.

Gift bag can be decorated in many ways; the most common type is to decorate with a ribbon on top. Firstly you can look for options like making the gift bag of a printed or colored paper or getting the kraft paper printed or colored in creative ways. Secondly, you can always opt for decoration with elements on the gift bag. It may include cut outs of stencils of some characters or things. Newspaper cutouts always do wonders! It can also be decorated with natural elements like stems and fruits. You can use cloth and tie different knots or cutouts from the cloths and stick to the upper surface of the bag. Elements like buttons or shimmery pearls can be glued on the surface to make it look more ornamental and glowy. Pompoms are all time favorites; they can be made with the help of threads in any shape or size and can be placed individually or in a bunch. Decoration of a gift bag should always be relevant with the theme of the party or to the person giving it.

In a business related to gifts, the entrepreneurs always look for innovative ideas which can make them different from the rest. Gift bags add up to the gift business without much of an additional cost. Many brands give the bags complementary to increase customer trust and loyalty. As the kraft bags and boxes are very inexpensive, they do not add much to the cost but as they are decorated, it gives all in all a unique look to the gift. If you are looking for customized options for your business, do consider customized gift boxes wholesale by the custom boxes.

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